DOB interviews Shannon Joseph

Daily Oil Bulletin Update

The Daily Oil Bulletin recently interviewed Shannon Joseph, Chairperson of Energy for a Secure Future, to learn how she thinks West Coast LNG projects will meet global needs.

Energy for a Secure Future brings together Canadian Indigenous peoples, business leaders, organizations and experts for a “new conversation” about energy and building a secure future for Canada and its allies around the world. Part of their work is to present papers on different aspects of energy security. The most recent paper, released on June 19, is Canada’s LNG Opportunity: A
Value Proposition Worth Celebrating, which looks at LNG’s potential for meeting the needs of the international market and its relative lower GHG emissions intensity levels compared with coal. It lays out the economic, workforce and Indigenous community benefits, and breaks down individual projects in terms of capacity and current status.

Learn more about the report’s findings and read the full article in The Daily Oil Bulletin (subscription required).

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