Meet the 2022 CEPA Foundation Award Winners

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Each year the CEPA Foundation Awards provide an opportunity to recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations who have made an extraordinary contribution to our industry.

As always, in 2022 the competition was fierce, but this year’s winners truly deserve acknowledgment for their hard work and accomplishments in leading this industry to a safer, more sustainable future.

Here’s a quick introduction to the CEPA Foundation Award winners for 2022:

Outstanding Contribution/Achievement

Congratulations to Daryl Ronsky, vice-president (retired) of ROSEN Canada. During his 40 years in the pipeline industry, Ronsky was a founding member of The Young Pipeliners’ Association of Canada (now Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals) and was highly involved with the CEPA Foundation as well as the International Pipeline Conference.

Daryl Ronsky
Yvanna Ireland (Foundation Board Chair and Director of Integrity at Trans Mountain) and Daryl Ronsky Rosen Group (retired)


Ronsky was unwavering in his support of the pipeline industry and has facilitated the development of many innovations to improve the pipeline and integrity processes and technologies.


Correct-AI was awarded this category for their PROX-EYE™ Vision Guidance System. Combining cameras, LIDAR and proprietary artificial intelligence software, the system is a cost-effective tool that promises to revolutionize the way industrial vehicles are managed, both safely and efficiently, in challenging worksite situations.

Surerus Murphy
Trevor MacFarlane (Foundation Board Member) and Siamak Akhlaghi, President and CEO of Correct AI


Correct-AI is a Canadian industrial robotics and artificial intelligence company which develops products to support the safe, and efficient operation of heavy-duty equipment. They currently have more than 200 of their PROX-EYE™ systems in the field, of which more than half of that are in use by the energy pipeline industry.


Surerus Murphy Joint Venture (SMJV) won the Quality category for the significant improvements in quality – within the pipeline industry as a whole and on the Trans Mountain expansion specifically – facilitated through the deployment of their Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) system. This mechanized welding process uses semi-automatic orbital welding machines (bugs), that work effectively in the most challenging environments.

Correct AI
Steven Koles Foundation Board Member and President and CEO of HiFi Engineering and Chris Fleming, Construction Director at Surerus Murphy Joint Venture


Utilization of the system has resulted in improved quality and reduced repair rates and exemplifies SMJV’s commitment to their core value of Assured Delivery.


The Safety Award went to Strike Group for the exemplary actions of their Electrical & Instrumentation team in Fort Saskatchewan. The team uses a ‘Lessons Learned’ template for the duration and closeout of every project. Once the project is complete any learnings are captured and added to a master Lessons Learned document. The master document is reviewed prior to the start of each new project to ensure that the learnings from any previous projects are considered.

Strike Group
Colin Bakoway (Foundation Vice Chair and Vice President, Oil and Gas, Stantec) and Tyler Pawsey, VP Operations Strike Group


Strike’s Lessons Learned model prevents their teams from repeating mistakes, helps to advance safety and allows for continuous improvement.

Stay tuned for more from each of our winners

Over the next few weeks, we will be meeting with each of our winners and learning more about their incredible achievements. In the meantime, you can read more about Correct-AI’s PROX-EYE™ Vision Guidance System in ‘Technology Spotlight: the role of AI in pipeline safety’.

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