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Spartan Controls Helps Industry Reduce Emissions by 11.1 Megatonnes CO2e

The International Energy Agency (IEA) states that 38% of the global effort to meet Net Zero by 2050 must come from clean technology solutions and energy efficiency. Effective management of energy, emissions and environmental performance are critical to achieve corporate ESG goals. For twenty years Spartan Controls (Spartan) has supported the industry with environmental solutions.

Technology plays a big role in eliminating greenhouse gases, which requires industry working together to execute projects which actively reduce emissions. Spartan’s clean technologies portfolio has been implemented by industry, with verified removal of 11.1 Megatonnes CO2e from the atmosphere over the last 10 years; equivalent to removing greater than 800,000 cars from the road.

A range of clean technology solutions have been implemented to achieve the accumulated results; from low-bleed pneumatic instruments to highly efficient burner management systems to electrification of field assets including solar powered devices, to the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for maximum operating efficiencies.

Companies are targeting different sources of emissions and leveraging different tools to make an impact. As an example, Pneumatic retrofit programs have resulted in the replacement of thousands of high emitting devices, generating carbon credits for operators to use as carbon offset or sold in the carbon market. Replacement of these Pneumatic devices is low-risk, and a high-yield opportunity for emissions reduction, as return on investment (ROI) can be realized in less than a year.

With more recent government-imposed NOx regulations in force, companies are compelled to manage their fleet of engines and abate the greenhouse gas (GHG). To solve this problem, Industry can turn to the REMVue Air-Fuel Ratio Control and SlipStream Vent Gas Capture systems to achieve greater energy efficiency in natural gas engines and compressors while also reducing emissions. The SlipStream system is designed to capture methane from compressor packing vents and re-route it back to the engine to be used as fuel, the SlipStream system is destroying emissions. The REMVue system improves reliability, lowers NOx releases and is a fuel saver, with about 750 tonnes per install, but also a method of bringing NOx emissions to below 2g/kWh.

As part of the eco-system of organizations committed to making an impact; Spartan engages with other clean technology companies to bring solutions to market and into the hands of customers. It takes an eco-system to achieve these kinds of results, an eco-system Spartan is proud to support and engage with, helping companies achieve their ESG objectives.

Learn more about what Spartan Controls is doing on GHG emissions reduction.

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