Hifi Engineering Hifi Engineering Announces Achievement of 100 Patents

As Canada’s pipeline industry strives for zero incidents, innovation is, and will continue to be, the driver of…

pipeline technology and innovation Pipelines, Technology and Innovation
Part Four in our 'Pipeline Story' Blog Series
Skipper NDT 3D mapping Remote 3D Mapping and its Adaptation for Buried Pipelines
A game changer for pipeline mapping
high fidelity fiber optic sensing, HDS, landslides, ground movement High Fidelity Fiber Optic Sensing is the newest tool in early detection of landslides
Effective management of ground movement events around pipelines
remote gas cloud imaging Breakthrough methane detection technology

In January 2022 Kuva Systems was awarded $770,000 in funding from the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) under…

pipeline weld shack safety Weld Shack Safety for Pipeline Workers

Pipelines are constructed in all kinds of weather and conditions, and that can make it tricky to complete…

MDS pipeline integrity technology A leap forward in pipeline safety

Industry-leading technology supporting pipeline integrity The 2021 CEPA Foundation Award for Quality went to T.D. Williamson for their…

pipeline safety and cyberthreats Cybersecurity and the pipeline industry
Pipeline operators take cybersecurity and protecting the industry against the threat of cyberattacks, seriously.
SAIT drone program Fugitive emissions and the drones that are tracking them down
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a top priority for Canada’s pipeline industry, and this week on our blog…
Artificial intelligence being used on vehicles to improve worksite safety Technology Spotlight: the role of AI in pipeline safety
Any industrial worksite can be a dangerous place, and one Energy Connections Canada member saw artificial intelligence as…